Restaurant profile: Melt a Dessert bar for Kids of all Ages

It’s all about indulgence at the Turks & Caicos only full- service coffee/ice cream/dessert bar. Indeed, if you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, or if you just need a chill place to hang and enjoy the island atmosphere, head on over to Melt for a good time.

Unique and eclectic, yet soothing and peaceful, Melt is not just a dessert bar, but a cool place to relax and…you guessed it, indulge. Designed as a lounge-type atmosphere, with comfortable couches and throw pillows, it’s the arty little touches that give the place personality. From the bright pink heart that greets you at the door to a big vat of M&Ms that electrifies the floor to the dainty carousel horse in the corner that gives the little ones an extra special treat, Melt is just a delightful place to be. While the kids can play with toys, read books and enjoy their sundaes, ice cream parfaits or cakes, Mom and Dad can also indulge in something special. A mug of iced coffee, heaped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup, a Turks Head Beer, some Coconut Rum Punch, or a delicate flute of Champagne with Strawberry Caviar will certainly brighten your day. And with that special drink, you may decide to indulge in a coconut scone or some other delightful treat.

And indulge you shall!! Most of the items on the menu have flair and panache……from the Hazelnut Heaven sundae to the Key Lime Tarts to the Berry Pavlova to the Chocolate Gelato Milkshake, Melt serves up recipes that you truly cannot get anywhere else. But are there healthy options? You bet. Smoothies, frozen yogurt and tall, refreshing glasses of juice may still contain sugar but they also have less frills. And you can also substitute soy milk for regular milk whenever you would like. But if frills is what you’ve come for, try the Oreo Mallow Sundae, which is chock full of chocolate, whipped cream, cookies, ice cream and sprinkles.

Basically, there’s nothing bad on the menu at Melt. It’s truly one of the Island’s most beloved treasures. And Cally Affleck, the owner, likes it that way. “The essence of it is something for everyone,” she has been quoted as saying. With 20 years of experience in the coffee industry in England, Affleck knows what she’s talking about. Fairly new, Melt opened its doors on Christmas Eve of last year. And in the brief amount of time it has been open, Melt has truly become one of the more special places in the Turks & Caicos to visit for locals and vacationers alike.Yes, special it is. So next time you find yourself in the Turks, head on down to Regent Village and indulge indulge indulge. You won’t regret it.