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Adopt A Potcake Yes It Can Be Done!

Adopt a Potcake Yes it can be Done!

’Tis the season to be giving and generous. This holiday season, should you find yourself down in the sunny and warm Turks & Caicos Islands, why not consider adopting a sweet, loving potcake into your heart and home?
Now what is a potcake, you might be wondering?? Well, a potcake is an adorable but homeless little puppy. Sadly, there is a population of young dogs that wander around the islands that are often hungry, ill, bug-infested and without a safe home. They are often found on lonely
beaches, rummaging through trash sites, in locals’ backyards or even on construction sites. The name “potcake” comes from the practice of locals in the Bahamas and in the Turks of feeding the caked remains of their cooking pots to these poor starving dogs. These dogs are of an undetermined breed…..most likely they are a mixture of retrievers, labs and german shepards. They grow to about 40-55lbs, and have a calm, gentle and caring disposition. These dogs would love a good home where they will be cared for and loved.
What can I do?? Well, if you should be staying in the main area of Provo, you can visit these dogs at the charity called Potcake Place. This charity is centrally located in the Saltmills Plaza that borders Grace Bay Beach. Should you be in the Turks for a vacation, stop in and play with the pups for a time. They love warm companionship and they need to be socialized. You can also volunteer your time and take the pups for a nice walk along the beach or you can take them into the pool for a swim. You can also make a financial donation.
Please note that Potcake Place is run by unpaid volunteers. These kind souls clean the dogs up, de-worm them (if necessary), make sure they get all of their shots and get them ready to flourish in a new and loving home. Could that home be yours?? The final thing you can do to help is you can adopt one of these precious pups and provide a safe and caring forever home.
Wait, I can do an international adoption?? Yes!! You absolutely can. Potcake Place will arrange the health certificates required for travel and they will even meet you at the airport with your new loving pet!! How’s that for service?? Potcake Place is dedicated to finding homes for every one of these dogs and they will make everything as easy and convenient for you as possible.
So, the next time you are down in the Turks for a vacay, make sure you drop in and pet and play with some of these adorable pooches. You may make a friend for life, and you may wish to bring your new pal home for some loving, some caring and for some extra TLC.
Regardless of whether you can help for a day, a year or forever, be sure to stop in to Potcake Place and say “hi.” They will greet you with open arms.

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