conch festival 2018

Turks and Caicos Conch Festival Is Coming Up Soon

As the winter holidays get set to kick off, it’s once again time for annual Turks and Caicos Conch Festival on Saturday, November 24th.

The residents of Turks & Caicos celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s in all the traditional ways, but they also add a cultural twist and there are some festivities that are truly not to be missed.

One of these special festivals includes the annual Conch Festival. Now in its 15th year, the Conch Festival allows restaurants to show off best conch dishes in Blue Hills, one of the original settlements on Provo.

Traditional conch dishes include conch salad, fritters and stew.

But conch is a versatile food, and as previous years demonstrate. One year Bay Bistro walked away with best “conch specialty” for their conch wontons (you couldn’t have just one), while Hemingway’s came out on top with “best overall” for their conch empanadas.

Bay Bistro’s conch salad has also won awards, while Mr. Grouper’s restaurant is known for their conch chowder.

For More Information

Typically, a $25 pass will allow you to try out all of the conch dishes. Check with the Turks and Caicos Conch Festival Facebook page for updates about the 2018 festival.