The Tuscany Wedding, on Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos. The title tells it all… or not?!?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Emmery and Kyle’s wedding was an amazing day, full of joy, laughter, emotions, beauty, fun, crazy dances, romance, friendship and lots of love.

From the bride’s mom diaries:

” Kyle wanted to surprise Emmery with a beach destination for their wedding.  He asked us early on to marry our daughter and said he was planning a Turks and Caicos wedding.  Kyle, his parents and my husband and I met on many occasions planning the event to surprise Emmery.  Kyle was in medical school at the time of all the planning and wanted to wait to propose when he would have a rotation for medical school in one of Emmery’s favorite places in Charleston, SC.  Even though they were neighbors in high school, the sparks didn’t fly until his family went on a beach trip with some of their friends.  The Topham’s daughter, Sydney invited Emmery and that’s when Kyle and Emmery both started noticing each other and the sparks started to fly. That’s where they fell in love and so that’s why Emmery always wanted a beach destination wedding”.  

A special thank you goes to the one and only Mary, at Nila Destinations. Her beautiful, jolly, caring personality perfectly fit the group. A professional and loving wedding coordinator is a must.

Delicious food, by Kissing Fish Catering ,drinks, music, dances, sparklers, bonefire – it’s The Tuscany Wedding party!

Let’s have a look to what happened on June 1st 2019, these beautiful pictures are taken by Attimi Photography

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