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The Best Turks and Caicos Souvenirs to Bring Home With You

Aside from enjoying the most beautiful beaches, Caribbean food, drinks, music and endless sunshine, the islands of Turks and Caicos boasts some superb shopping opportunities and Providenciales is no exception!

Local boutiques, galleries and gift shops throughout Provo offer plenty of fun treasures and trinkets that you’ll want to bring home with you. And while some visitors opt for playfully printed T-Shirts and hats, our guests often ask us for advice on what types of locally-made items and products are especially unique to the island. They’re seeking tasteful Turks and Caicos souvenirs for themselves and lovely gifts for their loved ones at home.

To help you on your own treasure hunt, here’s a shortlist of locally-made or sourced Turks and Caicos souvenirs to bring home with you:

Conch Shells, Conch Pearls, Conch Vases and Bowls

Conch Shells
(Image Credit: http://www.wherewhenhow.com/turks-caicos-islands-shopping.html)

Conch is a staple and a symbol you’ll find just about everywhere throughout Turks and Caicos. From conch infused dishes to conch art, jewelry, homeware and shells.

For a Turks and Caicos souvenir that’s truly unique and wearable, look for locally handcrafted jewelry featuring the rare, pastel-hued conch pearl at Providenciales’ Royal Jewels Luxury Duty Free located in the nearby Saltmills Plaza.

For Turks and Caicos souvenirs that are more casual and affordable, you can also find lovely conch shells and conch-inspired jewelry and accessories at nearby vendors such as Serene by Mel, a beach-inspired boutique and gift shop located within a three minute drivefrom the Tuscany.

Please be aware: before you buy conch or other local shells, it’s worth noting that–conch is the only local shell that can legally be exported–and within limitations: you can only take home 3 conch shells without a permit! You can learn more about conch shell and coral regulations here.

Bambarra Rum Products

Bambarra Rum
(Image Credit: https://www.facebook.com/Bambarrarum/photos)

Everyone knows someone who’d enjoy a bottle of smooth, Caribbean Rum. Bambarra is a popular sugar cane rum made from ingredients sourced from select areas throughout the Caribbean. This popular rum is blended and bottled in small batches and by hand on the island of Providenciales. While you’re shopping, you’ll find Bambarra Rum and Bambarra Rum Cakes available from various vendors across the island such as FOTTAC, situated in the Regent Village shopping plaza, a short three minute drive from the Tuscany on Grace Bay.

PeppaJoy Handmade Gourmet Hot Sauce and Locally Sourced Sea Salt

PeppaJoy Handmade Gourmet Hot Sauce
(Image Source: https://facebook.com/pg/Peppajoy)

Turks and Caicos has its own hot sauce and it’s addictively good on just about everything from eggs and fish to chicken and more. A bottle or two of PeppaJoy hot sauce is a great way to infuse your own home cooking with a dash of flavour that’ll remind you of your time in Provo.

There’s a cool story behind the hot sauce that has become a Turks and Caicos’ favourite. PeppaJoy hot sauce is only available in Turks and Caicos and can be purchased from nearby vendors such as Serene by Mel, situated in the La Petit Place plaza, located within a three minute drive from the Tuscany.

turks and caicos sea salt
(Image Credit: https://www.facebook.com/Annas-Art-Gallery-Studio-124256540975041/)

If you prefer things milder, opt for locally-sourced sea salt that can be enjoyed in food, margaritas, and as a soothing bath soak. Sea salt sourced from the islands of Turks and Caicos has its own intriguing story that dates back to a time before recorded history.

You’ll find Turks and Caicos sea salt offered in a variety of colours and preparations, such as those available at Anna’s Art Gallery, located within a short five minute drive from the Tuscany.

Caribbean Coffee

coffee turks island
(Image Source: https://www.tcicoffeeroasters.com)

Coffee drinkers will delight in the smooth richness of Caribbean grown and roasted coffee beans! The only specialty coffee roaster in Turks and Caicos, Turks Island Roasters offers locally-roasted, sustainably sourced and organic coffee beans that are beautifully packaged and ready to enjoy here or to take home with you.

You can taste a cup of Turks Island Roasters at da Conch Shack and purchase it from nearby souvenir shops such as everyone’s favourite: Mama’s Gift Shop, located within a three minute drive from the Tuscany.

Locally Handmade Arts and Crafts

painting souvenir
(Image Credit: https://www.facebook.com/Annas-Art-Gallery-Studio)

Infusing your home decor with locally handcrafted pieces will remind you of your favourite experiences in Provo while supporting local artists and craftspeople. Throughout the shops in Providenciales, you’ll find everything from gorgeously woven baskets and hats, to locally made paintings, carvings, blown glass, holiday ornaments, pottery, sewn dolls and more.

Anna’s Art Gallery, located within a five minute drive from the Tuscany, and Art Provo, also located within a five minute drive from the Tuscany are just two examples of nearby shops that offer locally-made pieces and Turks and Caicos souvenirs that you’ll want to bring home with you.

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