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What's New In Turks And Caicos This Spring?

What’s New in Turks and Caicos This Spring?

Spring has arrived in Turks and Caicos! It’s a time of renewal, which means there is a variety of new businesses and attractions to check out here on Providenciales. If you want to explorean untouched part of the Caribbean on your own, or just want to experience the perfect cup of coffee, there’s something here for you.

High Wave Tours

High Wave Tours is a new, locally-owned-and-operated company whose mission is to provide you and your family with everlasting memories of the beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands.

The company’s selling point? Speedy, nimble two-seater catamarans that can zip around the isolated cays and islands so close to the Tuscany resort. Explore the natural history of the Turks and Caicos, or find your own private white-sand beach for a picnic or other excursion.


Naughty Gull

Provo’s newest bistro, the Naughty Gull is a cozy coffee shop that has quickly developed a stellar reputation among locals for serving great coffee, healthy smoothies, breakfast and lunch sandwiches and other homemade goodies.

Located in Turtle Cove, to the west of the Bight and Grace Bay Beach, on the way to Smith’s Reef, the Naughty Gull is a great place for a family pit stop for snacks and refreshments.

As one review says, “We are total coffee snobs and let me tell you the coffee here is

among the top couple place we have ever been. Delicious. Super friendly staff and lots of healthy choices for food too.”


Coco Van

Coco Van is Provo’s take on the global food truck craze. Enjoy street-side urban dining, just steps from the beach. The shiny travel trailer is located right next to its sister restaurant, Grace Bay’s famed Coco Bistro, and while the atmosphere is informal the food is worth a trip to Turks and Caicos to enjoy.

Street food such as duck tacos and fried lobster are on the menu, as well as poutine, a cold-weather comfort food from Canada made from French fries, cheese and gravy.


What Is Your Special Place on Provo?

Do you have a hidden gem you like to visit on Providenciales? Let us know on Facebook and we’ll share with our other friends and guests.

The Tuscany

Whether you're looking for a Caribbean family vacation or a destination wedding, the Tuscany in Turks and Caicos is the perfect setting. Contact us!