Valentine’s Day in the Turks & Caicos Islands

Valentine’s Day in the Turks & Caicos Islands

Nothing says “I love you” like a romantic escape to an island Caribbean paradise. Indeed, the Turks & Caicos Islands is a lover’s paradise. From the shining sun to the glittering turquoise waters to the pristine white sandy beaches, love is in the air wherever you go in the Turks.
A stay in the Turks during Valentine’s Day truly makes for a magical gift from your loved one. For a special Valentine’s Day itinerary, start here


Take a romantic lover’s stroll down secluded and beautiful Leeward Beach. Then hop on a ferry and ride through the lovely turquoise waters out to Middle Caicos and take a hike around stunning, picturesque Mudjin Harbor. Explore the craggy limestone cliffs, the Blowing Hole, a small, free-standing body of water surrounded by stunning rock formations, and the lush greenery of the interior. If you are feeling slightly daring, wade out to Dragon Island, which is a small cay with an adjoining sandbar that resembles a sleeping dragon. Now that you have taken in the dazzling views and the scenery it is time for…….


Relax and rejuvenate with a couples massage. Call on Spa Tropique to deliver the Double Decadence Romantic Couples Massage. Let the aromatic floral scents of sweet mango passion fruit, sun-kissed water lily and papaya-pineapple creme fraiche soothe, nourish and detoxify your skin and senses. Enjoy this time together as your attendants spoil and pamper you. After such a luxurious afternoon you will be well primed for

Late afternoon

Call on Attimi Photography to do a beach shoot of you at sunset. With each click of the camera, capture beautiful memories that will last you a lifetime. After such a lovely time, you are well prepared for…….


Dine in the elegant splendor of Seven. Specializing in fresh seafood, lamb and steak, the dishes at Seven are artfullyprepared, Caribbean fusion meals with unique flavors, spices and sauces. Start with the delectable Tomato and Strawberry Gazpacho, then follow with some red wine and the succulent Caicos Rum Butter Lobster. Follow this sumptuous gourmet meal with cocktails and martinis at Infinity Bar, where you can drink under the stars while listening to the sounds of the sea while the tide rolls in.
After such a blissful day you will revel in each other’s company in the privacy of your spacious luxury suite. For subsequent days, take a helicopter tour, try parasailing, see manta rays, dolphins and lobsters during a deep sea dive and try decadent coffees and cakes at Melt, the island’s unique dessert bar.
No matter what you plan to do, remember that you will be doing it TOGETHER. And nothing beats that. So come down to the lovely
Turks & Caicos for romance, passion and bliss.