Turks & Caicos Wedding Anniversary - 50 years of Love & Happiness

Turks & Caicos Wedding Anniversary – 50 years of Love & Happiness


“50 Years,
18,250 days,
438,000 hours,
4 children,
11 grandchildren,
Time changes, yet I love you now as loved you then 50 years ago”.

What better way to celebrate 50 years of love and happiness then a Turks and Caicos Wedding Anniversary with the entire family? The beautiful couple are Grace Bay’s habitués, for this special occasion they chose The Tuscany Resort. Sun, sea, relax, fun and a great collection of pictures to remember happy vacation moments.

Posing 21 people and make sure everyone looks great looking at the camera may sound like a challenge… but it can be done!

One family at the time, they all came to the beach and made the best of the couple of hours spent together.

Do you really think they expected all this beauty and joy 50 years ago?!?

Golden wedding anniversary – checked!

We will be waiting for you to celebrate the Diamond one![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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