Elements that make Providenciales ideal for visiting Turks and Caicos with kids.

Things We Love About Providenciales: It’s Ideal for Visiting Turks and Caicos with Kids

Dreaming of the future family vacation you’ll take, kicking back on tranquil beaches while being refreshed by the soft tradewinds, with a drink in your hand and your toes in the sand? 

When dreaming turns into planning your family vacation, it sure helps to know which destinations offer the most family-friendly amenities, activities, accommodations and comforts.

Sure, the Turks and Caicos Islands are a popular destination for couples, celebrities and dreamy destination weddings, but the island of Providenciales is an especially ideal vacation destination for families, too. Here are five elements that make Providenciales the ideal destination for visiting Turks and Caicos with kids of all ages.

Size Matters and Providenciales is Just Right

Providenciales, Turks and Caicos is just the right size. Out of the 40 islands and cays that make up Turks and Caicos (only nine being inhabited), the island of Providenciales (or ‘Provo’ as locals call it) is the third-largest and most popular.

Provo also represents home to the majority of Turks and Caicos’s residents. While this may make Provo sound big and busy, at 23-miles long, 4-miles wide and less than 30,000 year-round inhabitants, Provo is just right! Guests find that Provo strikes the perfect balance between being comfortably developed and beautifully unspoiled, with most resorts being within close proximity to dining, activities and attractions.

Here’s why our island’s size and layout matter to guests visiting Turks and Caicos with kids.

Commuting cuts into the time you could otherwise enjoy on the beach, shopping, dining, snorkeling, diving, golfing, fishing, paddleboarding or just kicking back by the pool. Besides, what kid (or adult) enjoys being cooped up for hours in a shuttle bus to get from their resort to all the activities they want to do while on vacation?

Compared to larger Caribbean locations which require long shuttle bus rides between attractions, guests who visit Turks and Caicos with kids immediately appreciate how close in proximity everything is, and how safe and easy it is to get around. 

Most resorts, beach bars, restaurants, shops, parks and activities are nestled along the seven-mile stretch of Grace Bay Beach, making it super easy to go from playing on the beach to grabbing a snack or refilling your rum punch without the hassle of having to pack-up.

Our Tranquil Beaches are Perfect for Families Visiting Turks and Caicos with Kids

The tranquil beaches of Providenciales, Turks and CaicosIf Turks and Caicos is already on your “places we’d like to visit” list, you already know how perfect our beaches are, but did you know that Providenciales is home to one of the very best beaches in the world? 

Located on the northshore of Providenciales, Grace Bay Beach boasts a seven-mile stretch of powdery-soft, white sand and the most tranquil and clear waters you’ll ever see.

Sheltered by the world’s third-largest barrier reef, the waters along Provo’s northshore are especially calm, with long stretches of shallow, waist-deep to chest-deep water that provide perfect conditions for paddleboarding, snorkeling and wading. While it almost goes without saying that one must always exercise caution when entering any body of water, families enjoy playing in the shallows of Grace Bay without being tumbled or pulled by strong wave breaks and riptides. 

You’ll also enjoy the wide-open space that makes Grace Bay beach feel private and uncrowded, and, if you’re lucky, you might even see Provo’s wild and friendly dolphin, Jojo, and his family that are known to frequent the shallows of Grace Bay and playfully interact with guests. 

Family-Friendly Dining, Activities and Attractions

Da Conch Shack is the perfect place in Provo to eat when visiting Turks and Caicos with kids.
An evening at da Conch Shack, Provo’s favorite beach bar and casual cuisine 📸 da Conch Shack Facebook Page

What you won’t find in Providenciales is a bustling nightlife of loud bars and discotheques. What you will find instead are a variety of open-air beach bars and restaurants that are family-friendly with great food, live music and a fun atmosphere. You’ll also enjoy several free and affordable events such as our Island Fish Fry, every Thursday evening at Bight Children’s Park, which includes fun, food and activities for all ages. 

Guests visiting Providenciales, Turks and Caicos with kids also appreciate how many of the island’s activities are family-friendly, with suitable options for families with youngsters.

From snorkeling excursions, dolphin watching and diving charters, to horseback riding, bicycle riding, kayaking, paddle boarding and golfing, there are more than enough activities to enjoy and entertain kids of all ages. Non-motorized water sports are especially popular with families who’d prefer the option of trying new things at their own pace. 

No Language, Currency or Drinking Water Woes

Languages You’ll Hear Visit Turks and CaicosIt’s worth mentioning these other small details that make visiting Turks and Caicos with kids easier than other destinations. While these aren’t usually the main deciding factor that makes guests choose Providenciales, they certainly make vacationing here easier, especially for families. 

Being as it’s a British Overseas Territory, English is the official language spoken throughout Turks and Caicos.

While a variety of other languages are also spoken here, most island inhabitants speak fluent English and are happy to converse with visitors. 

The United States dollar is also accepted here.

This eliminates the hassle of figuring out currency exchange rates and memorizing the value of each coin and unfamiliar-looking banknotes when you’re ordering 5 ice cream cones while trying to keep tabs on an active 3-year-old. 

While visitors sometimes prefer the taste and tote-ability of bottled water, the tap water in Turks and Caicos is safe to drink.

So, no need to worry when you or the kids forget to use the bottled stuff for washing fruit or when brushing your teeth. 

Family-Friendly Accommodations

There’s a resort in Providenciales to suit just about every preference, including a variety of family-friendly resorts. Voted as being one of the top Caribbean resorts for families by Tripadvisor’s 2019 Traveler’s Choice Awards, the Tuscany on Grace Bay offers ideal amenities for guests visiting Turks and Caicos with kids. 

For starters, one, two, and three-bedroom suites at Tuscany are beachfront, with their own private screened-porches overlooking Grace Bay Beach.

Each suite also includes a full-sized, fully-equipped, gourmet kitchen, dining area and laundry facilities with your own washer and dryer. Every bedroom has its own ensuite bathroom, affording mom and dad privacy, and giving teens their own space. 

Beachfront resort amenities include:

A large swimming pool, terrace and beach access with poolside and beachside service, a fitness center, tennis courts, free use of bicycles and optional services that include childcare and a private chef and shopping service. 

Families who choose Tuscany do so because they want to balance their desire for privacy, comfort, luxury, tranquility and fun. The Tuscany also places guests within close proximity to dining, shopping and attractions while being tucked away just enough to enjoy extra peace and privacy. 

Click here to learn more about our suites and amenities, and save up to 40% on all suites by booking direct and taking advantage of one of our seasonal promotions. 

When Your Next Opportunity to Enjoy a Family Vacation Arises

Consider visiting Providenciales with your family. Once you visit, you’ll discover for yourself what makes Providenciales a favorite destination for couples, celebrities and families visiting Turks and Caicos with kids.