Say I do On Grace Bay Beach at the Tuscany

Say I do On Grace Bay Beach at the Tuscany

Although tradition dictates that a couple should take their vows in the bride’s hometown, when it comes to modern wedding planning, the destination options are extensive. You can marry in the bride or groom’s hometown, the city you met, or a favorite location you’ve traveled to together.

But long-distance planning can put additional stress on a bride who may not have spent much time in the location of her upcoming wedding. Not being familiar with vendors in the area can add stress to the planning process, Chicago-based wedding planner Beth Bernstein tells HuffPost Weddings.

“It’s also stressful because so much has to get done on-site — you do have to come in for a tasting, you should come in for a floral sample, and it’s always best to meet with your wedding planner and your photographer in person,” says Bernstein.

With a little planning and some smart scheduling, having a wedding in a faraway locale can actually streamline the planning process: With only a limited amount of time during your trips to the wedding location, you’ll be able to make arrangements more efficiently.

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