Plan an Adventure in the Turks and Caicos - Day Trip to Fort George Cay

Plan an Adventure in the Turks and Caicos – Day Trip to Fort George Cay

Fort George Cay is an uninhabited cay lying to the west of Pine Cay about half an hour by boat from the northern, leeward tip of Providenciales.

In fact, Fort George Cay is only accessible by boat, and is great for exploring. Old British gun emplacements dating back two hundred years are a highlight of this isolated strip of sand. The old guns can still be seen both on shore and below the waves.

If you are looking for a little bit of adventure and a unique travel experience to take back home as a souvenir, Fort George Cay is for you.

Explore History While Experiencing the Natural Beauty of the Turks and Caicos

Fort George Cay gets its name from the fort that protected the island’s anchorage during the Napoleonic Wars two hundred years ago.

The cannons that protected the anchorage from pirates and French and Spanish raiders were originally mounted on land.

Over the past 200 years creeping coastal erosion ate away the land beneath the gun emplacement., eventually undermining them and toppling them into the sea.

Some of the cannons can still be spotted in the crystal clear water. Visitors can wade out to them from shore.

On land, five cannons still point out to sea covering almost the entire anchorage between Fort George Cay and the outer reef.

Visitors to Fort George Cay can enjoy snorkeling and beachcombing. Combined with a picnic lunch, this is a perfect day trip from the Tuscany on Grace Bay.

How to Get There

Caicos Dream Tours offer trips to Fort George Cay. Contact our concierge for more information.

Note: Fort George Cay is a protected historical site and a national park and it is illegal to take or damage any artifacts.