Mudjin Harbor – a Slice of Heaven

Mudjin Harbor – a Slice of Heaven

Close your eyes. You can hear the seagulls and pelicans squacking from above. You can hear the gentle lapping of the sparkling, turquoise waves. You can feel the spray of mist that hits off the craggy limestone cliffs.

Welcome to Mudjin Harbor

Rumored to be the most photographed area in Turks and Caicos, stunning scenic vistas and almost total seclusion await you on this wondrous journey. Mudjin Harbor offers many unique natural treasures and you are in for a day of discovery that you are not soon likely to forget.

Start at the major overlook point and take in the dazzling views. Next, start out on Crossing Place Trail, the historic hiking trail that once linked the salt plantations and small British settlements of Middle Caicos to North Caicos and the bulk of the Caicos Islands. Explore the Blowing Hole, a small, free-standing body of water surrounded by stunning rock formations and lush greenery.

blowing hole formation

Next, check out Juniper Hole, a large, open-faced sea cave, replete with stalactites and bats. Juniper Hole is not easily accessible due to the rugged cliffs, hidden sinkholes and sharp rocks that surround it, but it still makes for more stunning views in this gem of a place. If you are an experienced hiker, have a go at getting to the heart of the cave and be prepared for quite the enthralling adventure.

Should you be feeling even more daring, head out to Dragon Island. Just the name evokes mystery, intrigue and danger, and it is named so because the adjoining Dragon Cay resembles a sleeping dragon (the kids should love this). Dragon Island is a rocky little enclave that can be accessed on a calm day by a sandy, soft pink sandbar. But only venture out if you are feeling particularly adventurous on stormy days (which are rare), as large waves and razor sharp rocks can make this journey a bit treacherous. But, weather is typically pretty calm in the Turks, so most likely Dragon Island will be yours to explore, and don’t forget to take pictures of Mudjin Harbor from this vantage point.

Do some whale watching in the winter, do some bird watching in the spring, and look for sea urchins and reef sharks at any time of the year. Give yourself over to the tranquility and the natural soothing wonders of this most captivating natural paradise, and feel relaxed and refreshed as you head back to Conch Bar Village. Once back at the village, nosh on cracked conch, lobster salad or even a delicious conch burger dipped in tartar sauce.

Now that your spectacular excursion has come to an end, bid this fabulous vista farewell, with one more glimpse of the dramatic cliffs and coastline, then head on home with memories that will last you for a lifetime.

*Details: Mudjin Harbor is a 3-mile long section of coastline located in Middle Caicos. It is accessible from the Blue Horizon Resort and there is a small car park that leads to a concrete pathway that takes you down to the starting point on the beach. Wear sturdy boots or shoes for adequate climbing and hiking and beware of poisonous coral sumac.