5 Activities for Families Near the Tuscany On Grace Bay

5 Activities for Families Near the Tuscany On Grace Bay

While we’re known mostly as a tranquil, slightly “hidden” getaway, the island of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos has plenty of family-focused activities, food and culture.

If you just want to stay close to the resort, there is little planning needed for the perfect family vacation. That’s because the Tuscany is right on Grace Bay, just steps away from what is recognized to be the best beach in the Caribbean, and one of the best beaches in the whole world.

For more adventurous families,there is so much to do here on Providenciales that it can be difficult to fit everything in. To get you started, here are our five favorite things to do with the kids near Grace Bay Beach.

1. Relax as a family on Grace Bay Beach

Grace Bay Beach, routinely ranked as the best beach in the world, is also our favorite local beach.

Once you arrive, it’s easy to see why. Grace Bay Beach just steps from the Tuscany resort, and the powdery sand and turquoise water is heaven on earth for parents and children alike. The water is warm and calm, and the soft sand is perfect for making sand castles.


2. Go Snorkeling in the Shallows

The Coral Gardens reef on the west end of Grace Bay Beach is a great location to take kids snorkeling.

The reef is just steps from the beach and is easily identifiable thanks to the colorful markers floating on the waves.

Floating around in waist-deep water, it’s easy for the kids to spot turtles eating sea grass. Docile stingrays are also frequent visitors to the reef. If your kids listen carefully they will hear the parrotfish chomping on the coral.


3. Go Paddling

If you’re traveling with teens it’s easy to rent kayaks and head over to the mangroves just off the eastern tip of Provo by Mangrove Cay.

From the vantage point of your kayak you can look for the exotic fish and baby lemon sharks that call the mangroves home.

In some parts of the mangrove forest you can hop off your kayak and go look for friendly iguanas. It’s best to explore with a guide such as Big Blue Unlimited.

Contact the Tuscany’s concierge for more information.

Source: Wikimedia

4. Treat Your Kids to Our Delicious Local Food

The Turks and Caicos is a cultural crossroads, so there is an endless variety foods and dishes to try out.

Kids love the cooking here. If your kids won’t eat the fried conch and shrimp, don’t worry, you’ll find a burger or finger-friendly fish tacos on the menu, too.

family photo

5. Get a Family Photo

A collection of beautiful images is one of the best way to remember your wonderful vacation spent with the people you love the most.

When the kids cooperate, have fun and smile away, the family portrait suddenly becomes a family treasure, and the perfect way to preserve a cherished memory in time.

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