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Glow Worm Tours - One of the most unique and distinctive things you can do in Provo

Glow Worm Tours - One of the most unique and distinctive things you can do in Provo
One of the most unique and distinctive things you can do down here in the Turks and Caicos Islands is take a glow worm tour. These are wildly popular amongst tourists, visitors and even locals alike.

So what is a glow worm tour you may ask?

Well, it is a beach cruise that does indeed require some planning. But the preparations are worth it for the enjoyment and awe that it brings. Three to six nights after the full moon rises, a most unusual phenomenon occurs. The glow worms in the sea begin their colorful display of mating rituals.
Your cruise will depart right before sunset, and as the sun goes down and darkness envelopes you, the marine worms, or Odontosyllis enopla will start to swim and dance about in the sea. The female glow worms will release egg masses that will swirl about to the surface, emitting a beautiful yellow-greenish luminescence. The males will dance about the females till they encounter these masses, then they will dart inside these masses, causing a bright green glowing explosion! It's a dazzling display of bright and beautiful hues that sparkle in the darkened waters. But the beauty only lasts for somewhere around 15 minutes. And the mating dance then turns into somewhat of a fatal attraction, as the male worms sink to the ocean floor and die. But you, the casual tourist, will have witnessed a rare and spectacular form of nature that can be seen and observed in few other regions.
Cruises also play reggae music, offer rum punch and offer a chance to mingle with other tourists. Not only that, but you will have experienced a beautiful sunset and will head back home under a dazzling display of twinkling stars.
Not bad for an evening excursion, huh?


© Image courtesy: Silver Deep

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